The Science

The biggest difference between us and our competition is how we create and test our product. It's our goal to elevate the cannabis industry by bringing together the brightest minds and best equipment available to create cutting edge research and development. Not all extraction is created equal. We have invested extensively to ensure our final product is the highest quality available.


The ethanol extraction machine we use is affectionately called "The Beast". It is one of the best large-scale extraction machines on the market. It is contained in an explosion-proof room and carefully monitored from a control room to ensure that every moving part is calibrated correctly. When running at full capacity, it can process over 1000 lbs an hour. 

We also have in-house High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) capabilities to test every step of the process. HPLC is a process that separates a mixture into its component parts. In so doing, we can examine the purity of the CBD oil we are producing and ensure that the product we are selling you is really as good as we say. In addition to our in house testing, Candera also uses a third-party testing facility to give our customers peace of mind that what they purchase from us has the consistency they are paying for. Read more about the extraction process on the Extraction page of our website.

This commitment to food and pharmaceutical grade products requires an experienced mind to monitor our processes. We have hired one of the foremost scientists and chemists in the industrial hemp field to work for us. His guidance enables us to adjust our processes as we go and ensure that we are using the most up to date technologies available. Read more about Mark Jolley on the Meet the Team page of our website. 

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